Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Web Design Project

Do you find yourself asking, “Do we need a website redesign?” More than likely, the answer is a YES. The technology behind website design has taken a giant leap over the last couple of years. So even if your current website was done just five years ago, a redesign from a web design company in Warrington, is in order.

As a web design company in Warrington working with small businesses on website launches and redesigns, we advise you to ask yourself the following questions to help determine if your website needs a redesign.


There are several reasons your website needs a redesign.
Your existing website may not be responsive, which means that it may not be mobile friendly. This means that you are alienating a major chunk of your target customers.

If you have an outdated website, what kind of first impressions are you setting on your visitors? You want your website to build trust and establish credibility so your potential customers can feel confident about working with you. With a modern, fresh redesign by an able web design company in Warrington, you will set the right impression, and pave the way for higher conversions.


The next question to ask is, “what makes for a good website?”
Here are some features that make for a successful website:

Blog – Having a business blog a prominent part of your website has several advantages. First, you can establish your expertise in the industry. Second, regular, blogging keeps your website fresh – something search engines love. We recommends this feature for every small business website.

• Calls to Action – The simplest way of providing a good experience to your users is by helping them take the next steps in the buying process. A good call to action helps them understand what to do next – fill in the form for a quote, call to make an appointment, or pop in their email address to receive exclusive offers and deals. Speak to your website design Warrington team for help with creating the right calls to action for your website.

• Branding – Inform your visitors who you are and what you do with a strong branding throughout the website’s layout, design, content and graphics.

• Content – What kind of content do you want to have on your website? Tell a good story. Tell about your company on the about page, about your products/services on the products page, have a page showcasing your portfolio, one for showing off some awesome testimonials, a contact page, and so on. The common thread throughout the content should be to provide an answer to the question the visitor will be asking “Why should I choose you?”

How Can A Web Design Company In Warrington Help Choose a professional web design company in Warrington.

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