How I got started in Content Writing

In December 2019, I attended my interview for Blue Whale Media, I was then hired and started my content writer job on the 6th of January. I’ve now been working here for six weeks, I feel like I have flourished and grown to be a better writer already. I have always been creative in everything I do and wanted a career where I would be able to use my creativity in many ways.

Background and Degree

Before this, I had always set out to pursue a career in writing. Even when I was in high school, I wanted to write about anything and everything, from stories to news articles, even blogs about places I’d been to like the Olympics in 2012.

I then set out to gain a degree in Multi-Media Journalism at the University of Salford. While at the University of Salford, I write for the university news platform where I reviewed events, theatre shows and music events, such as World Championship Cycling at the National Cycling Centre, Sophie Ellis Bexter and Hazel O’Connor.

I loved being able to pitch my own ideas and build on them is a particular passion of mine, especially to see them become fully formed news articles, blogs, or features.

Beginning at Blue Whale Media

I was excited and nervous when I first started but committed to putting 100% effort into everything and beginning my career in content. I feel proud of how quickly the team trusted my opinion and valued my work.

After working so hard over the past couple of years to further my career and become a writer, I can honestly say as part of the Blue Whale team, I feel like I have flourished and grown to be a better writer.

Courses at Blue Whale Media

Since becoming a content writer, I am working through the Yoast SEO course to help develop my skills in content writing. I have already learned the essential elements of writing, for example, SEO and keyword research. I already feel like I have developed my skills while working as a content writer and I think that I am improving my writing each week.

My top tips as a content writer

When writing content, I know that the reader wants some value to they’re reading. We all know this when reading an article or blog if it doesn’t make a connection or make you feel something you will lose interest. When I am writing, my content will often offer value to the reader in terms of ideas, thoughts, or tips. I do find myself asking: how can I give this blog a more emotional impact?

My love of content writing

Nothing tests your love of writing like having to produce it full-time. I love to read and write, but even I occasionally get to the point where I feel like I will throw up if I have to type one more letter. Focus is how I get back on the right track, I take five minutes to focus my mind and read through what I’ve written. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, so I make sure I work in line with them.


This is my first job in a writing role and I am excited to progress. Our content team is continuing to take on a variety of exciting projects that will allow me to learn and progress as a content writer. Becoming a content writer has enabled me to create engaging, purpose-driven articles that aren’t as complicated as you might’ve thought.