Redesigning our company website

What we’ve been up to this month? Redesigning our company website

For many of us in the marketing world, our websites are like an old pair of lovable shoes. Even though our websites are dated or could be performing better, we’re attached to them.

However, there are many reasons why a redesigned website is needed; this could be bad navigation, new business goals or services, refreshing your content, etc.

It’s important to note that “redesign” doesn’t mean you need to change every single website design elements. At Blue Whale Media, we have redesigned part of our website because we have added new services and new pages to the website.

Here’s what we have been up to:

New pages: Subscription and Competition eCommerce

Subscription eCommerce websites are not a new concept. However, in this digital age, they’ve come to take on a new role in the global economy. At Blue Whale Media, we have created a new service for Subscription and Competition eCommerce websites as our website designers are branching out to make more bespoke website designs. In order to showcase our latest services, we wanted to ensure they had their own page on our website and our visitors could navigate through easily.

New Business Goals

At Blue Whale Media, we know that everything can shift in business. One day you have one priority; then, a trend emerges in your industry, and you have another set of goals. Our team has redesigned and redeveloped pages of our website to capture our new business goals and services. We want to showcase our new services and the best way to do this was to design new pages and write fresh content that explains our new services.

Refreshing Content

At Blue Whale Media, we are experts in website design and we know that when people land on your homepage, blog, or landing pages, they want to see something new. This is exactly what we did for our new services pages; we added brand new images and content to ensure that what our visitors are seeing is new and interesting. It is probably the most important thing when it comes to visitor engagement; they want to see something new each time they click on your pages.

Enhance Navigation

Visiting and using your page has to be effortless for web users. At times, the search bar is the easiest way for the users to find what they look for on your page. However, our team at Blue Whale Media believes that redeveloping your website means you can establish where your navigation is lacking and enable you to tackle the issues.

Your website is meant to bring you business; if you aren’t getting the conversions, you want it’s time to make necessary changes and redesign your website. Great marketing means continual improvement; at Blue Whale Media, our website design team are continually looking to improve their designs and what they do.

For marketing to be effective, every touchpoint, including content, images, graphics and page design, must align to enhance engagement with potential website visitors.