Is Responsive Web Design Enough? The Warrington Web Design Team Answer

You’ve heard the buzz around responsive web design. You understand what it is, and the benefits a responsive website can offer your business. You’ve bombarded your Warrington web design agency with a volley of questions and know the in and out of responsive web design. However, is responsive web design sufficient? 

What if you have a website that’s just responsive in design but not in performance? What if your website was designed with the desktop-first approach and does not really deliver on smaller screens? There are many such questions you must ask your Warrington web design team to ensure you get a website that’s not just responsive in design but also in performance. Here’s a look.

Basics First Approach

There’s no doubt that smartphones have taken over desktops when it comes to digital media consumption. However, feature phones still take the chunk of mobile phone sales. And then, many people use their Kindles, earlier generation smartphones, and other web enabled devices. What if amongst these users sits your target audience? What if they reach your website on their not-so-smart device to try to get a phone number or an email? It would help if your Warrington web design team implements a basic-mobile-first layout to provide the very basic information that users on such devices are looking for.

The Missing Link

The smartphone screen offers much less real estate than a desktop does. Consequently, your Warrington web design agency will cut out some of the elements to fit in a smaller screen. This may sometimes leave your users surprised if they can’t find the features they expect. Think of ways to ensure the user gets what he is looking for, and how he can access the features that are not visible on the smaller device any more. Perhaps you may have to add a help button or a menu button that’s not necessary on the desktop version. For best results, discuss these requirements with your Warrington web design expert at the design stage.

Offer a Simpler Version

If you’ve ever used Gmail on a bad connection, you would’ve seen the “load basic HTML” link for sure. Does your website offer a similar option to people with devices that can’t handle the load of your stunningly designed website? When you offer this option to switch to a basic version of your website, you’ve just kept a potential lead alive. Looking for a stunning, mobile responsive website for your business? Contact Blue Whale Media for a free consultation. Call 01925 552 050 to schedule an appointment.  

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