Samsung about to launch a foldable phone

Samsung has continuously offered to the market amazing displays since inception. At the yearly Samsung developer conference, Samsung gave a hint on what type of phone will be offered with the latest technology.

Information, however, remains scanty though over time there have been some leakages. The rumour is that it will be known as Galaxy X or F but should not be mistaken as the galaxy 10 which is also expected to be launched. Online platforms like St Helens Web design are eagerly awaiting this masterpiece.

It’s being referred to as Samsung’s foldable phone so as to make things simple before the name is officially revealed.

Release date and price

The question is when we should expect the launch of this phone. Word on the lips of many people is that it might be launched in 2019 and these rumours could be confirmed to be true. At the conference, Samsung said it was ready to release to the market a phone with foldable display in just a matter of months.

The expectation is high that this gadget might find itself in the market in the first 6 months of 2019. It might be launched in the CES in the month of January or during the mobile world congress held in February. A South Korean news agency has stated that the phone will be announced in February and later released in March. St Helens Web Design acknowledges that this is going to be a game changer in the social media arena.

The price of the phone remains a mystery and there is so much speculation that it should be higher. Kim Jang-Yeol, the research head at Golden Bridge Investment said the price of the phone could as well go beyond 2million that’s roughly 1850 us dollars. This can only be compared to Rovole Flexpai a small folding phone with low production. St Helens Web Design will evaluate to see how the price will affect its availability in the market.

The Phones specifications

This project has been run for some time now. Samsung would like to offer a unique product different from the smartphones that are adopting cutting-edge technologies, for example, the foldable OLED displays. St Helens Web Design users are sensitive when it comes to product specifications.

The specifications have not yet been released into the market but the rumours going around is that it will have a 7nm processor with a 5G capability.

Also, it gave a sneak preview of the screen. The display is known as Infinity Flex Display. It can be folded and unfolded continuously without regarding the quality of the display. It can be folded many times without signs of tear and wear. The screen might measure around 7 inches when folded out.

The Phone Display

No much information was released about the design of the phone. However, the company is working with Google to come up with a new interphase for Android on its smart gadgets. St Helens Web Design prefers such displays.

Images released show that the display might be underneath the top rear of the gadget when unfolded.


The new Samsung Foldable phone is no doubt going to be a game changer in the wide range of smartphones the market has to offer.