Samsung Releasing Foldable Phone Next Year – The Evolution Of Technology In The Past 5 Years

What will your mobile look like in the future? There’s a strong chance it won’t resemble your current one. The race is on to release a foldable phone, one that’s similar in style and shape to a wallet. Such a device will fit neatly into your pocket but it will also open up into a tablet.

Here at our web design Wilmslow company, we’re excited by the prospect of Samsung’s folding phone. It’s expected to become available in 2019, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

What Will Be Special About The Phone?

The phone has been codenamed “Winner” by the Samsung developers, according to reports. At our web design Wilmslow agency, we’ve read that it will have the following features…

  • A 7-inch screen that has a camera on the back
  • A small display on the front panel, once its folded away
  • A price tag of around $1,500

One of its defining characteristics will be that it doesn’t have hinges or bezels (the name given to grooved ring holders). So, in many respects, it will bend, as well as fold.

But it’s also thought that this design – which will have front and back displays – will require it to have a larger battery.

Samsung Is Not Alone

At our web design Wilmslow company, we feel it’s important to point out that Samsung is not alone in this quest to produce such an innovative phone. Others include ZTE and LG.

The former company has released the Axon M smartphone. This has two 5.2-inch screens, which can work separately or together for a tablet-like experience.

LG is also rumoured to be working on a mobile phone – according to a filed patent – “which can be folded in half”.

How Far We’ve Come…

Naturally, Samsung’s foldable phone is likely to include much more advanced components than we’ve ever seen before. So at our Wilmslow web design agency we think it’s worth reflecting on how far we’ve come in the last five years… Here are a few significant dates:

2014 – iPhone 6 is launched. With 8MP camera – good for Instagram and Selfies

2016 – Samsung Galaxy S7 is launched. With 12MP camera – good for finger print scanning and watching movies

But here are a few earlier dates, to make you feel really nostalgic…

1973 – Dr Martin Cooper, general manager at Motorola communications system division, became the first person in the world to make the first public mobile phone call

1985 – Comedian Ernie Wise became the first person in the UK to make a mobile phone call. He rang Vodafone’s HQ

1992 – The world’s first ever SMS message was sent. It happened in the UK and it was sent by a 22-year-old developer, Neil Papworth, to his boss at Vodafone. It read: “Merry Christmas”

1996-97 – 16 percent of UK households owned a mobile phone. Ten years later, that figure had increased to 80 percent

2007 – Apple Iphone was launched in June. Steve Jobs did a great job of creating hype around the product when he unveiled the phone at the Macworld convention in January

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