Samsung’s Next Big Thing Could Come at A Very Big Price

The tech giant Samsung has ideally taken the wraps off of a unique and new Galaxy Note 9 by bringing a variety of colour options for their esteemed customers to select. The big thing is indeed here for tech lovers – the new Midnight Black and Cloud Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best phones you can have for yourself. Do you know why? This phone comes with game-changing features than you can ever imagine. According to web design company Manchester, the Galaxy Note 9 comprises significant upgrades in hardware such as battery capacity, camera lens and the bigger screen as compared to other previous gadgets.

This gadget has received very many impressions due to its fantastic features and user-friendliness, this is according to DeX News who provided a comprehensive tech review as well as a guide for purchasing the Samsung Note 9. Also, people all over the world have expressed their views on popular web pages and blogs technically developed courtesy of web design company Manchester.

Here are significant updates that will undoubtedly prove how this new gadget is the best for you.

Water Carbon Cooling System

Specifically, this is one of the unique and enjoyable specs on this phone. Samsung through a published blog post, they explained more about the water carbon cooling system on how it works. Primary function is to prevent any form of thermal throttling which on many phones results to slow performance and loading of sites by web design company Manchester. Part of this water carbon cooling system was present on Samsung Galaxy S7, but now more things have been updated on it like the copper layer purposed to transfer more heat, making the operations more efficient and as fast as possible. Correct to say, Galaxy Note 9 is three times better when it comes to heat dissipation as compared to the Note 8; so the processor delivers excellent performance when playing games or operating specific intensive applications. Without exceeding the required temperature levels, then this device in the best!

S Pen

The S Pen is the original signature for Note 9, whereby you can take memos on the big screen, make posts on web design company Manchester using different writing colours which are usually determined by the colour of your S Pen. It means yellow colour when using the Ocean Blue Note 9’s yellow S Pen; then purple colour goes with Lavender Purple model.
Included is a Bluetooth Low Energy which transmits signals up to 30 feet away – quite a long distance. So you get to control PowerPoint presentation just by the S Pen. Samsung engineers were very wise when they made a super-capacitor into the stylus S Pen whereby it charges once put in the Note 9. Thus it needs no manual charging.

AMOLED Display

Do you know that the Galaxy Note 9 did score the highest grade due to its impressive performance on the AMOLED display? Performing best than any other device since it beat the record set previously by Galaxy S9. Note 9 has a whole 6.4 inch of super AMOLED display hence excellent photo quality, colour pixel accuracy which you will find perfect! In addition, it shows sites by web design company Manchester very uniquely.

A Smart Camera

Note 9 has a 12-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front lens, whereby the variable aperture technology is uniquely embedded on the primary lens. With the lens able to switch between 1.5 focal lengths to 2.4 focal lengths, you will ultimately get better and clear low-light photographs.
The new thing is that the camera’s app has support for Artificial Intelligence, for scene detection and colour interpretation, hence web design company Manchester can add more functionalities to their pages. Do you know this camera can tell the difference between a mountain or a valley,? It is also able to identify sunset.