Search Ranking Trends for 2017

One of the most common questions our SEO Warrington experts get asked is – what are the SEO trends for 2017? Well, the answer to the question is something only Google knows. And that’s something we will never know in totality. We have put together a quick guide that identifies some of the trends that we will expect to see in 2017 regarding organic rankings.

Shorter URLs Equal Better Results

Lenthy, never ending URLs stuffed with keywords are plain unattractive and completely spammy. Google is slowly but surely recognising that. The top ranked websites in Google have URLs that are shorter and the ones ranked No.1 averaged 59 characters. Work with a reliable SEO Warrington agency to create URLs that are short and yet effective.

Word Count on the Rise

There’s a huge difference between being seen as an expert and being seen as not an expert. What’s that difference? It’s all in the content. Share too much and the audience won’t even have to call you to convert. And share very little information, and you won’t be considered an expert in your field. Studies have found that the emphasis should be on content and not on excessive keyword optimisation. A running page of text can work your way but excessive use of keywords might just not. As your SEO Warrington agency, we can create content that not just gets you ranked high, but converts your visitors into customers.

Keyword in URL and Title

Pages that incorporate their target keyword in the URL rank high on search engines than the ones that do not. Include your keyword in the page title as well, and you’ve created a highly elevant page for a given search query.

Shorter Page Titles are Ideal

Just like shorter URLs, the top ranking websites prefer use shorter page titles. The ideal length of page titles is no more than 8 words. If you feel, that creating an attractive page title that’s also SEO optimised and short, is a huge chore, an SEO Warrington agency can help you all along. Speak to our experts today.

Search Results

The search engines will only get smarter when it comes to helping webmasters make the most of their websites. Search engines these days understand the semantic relationship between the search queries and the results that are shown.

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