Secret Santa at Blue Whale Media

As Christmas at Blue Whale Media is fast approaching, we like to celebrate in everyway that we can. Each year, our team enters a Secret Santa draw and this year has yielded some fantastic presents that prove we really do know each other very well!

Each member of the team had a £20 limit to work with and the draw was a throw your name in the hat kind of deal. With a name and £20 to work with, each member of the team tried to sneakily get ideas from their secret santa with targeted questions. Thankfully, our Office Manager, Eve, knew exactly how to work around this.

The Red File

Our Office Manager and Social Media Expert Eve is very organised and used her skills to help the team gain a better understanding of each other and our gift preferences. She compiled a list of common questions for us all to fill in and use as a guide to buying the perfect gifts for our secret santas. It was particularly difficult to try and sneak a look at the answers without the rest of the office seeing who you were buying for, so the month of November involved some sneaking around and staying after hours.

Thankfully, the scope of questions in the red file helped us all to buy personal and meaningful gifts for each other.

Secret Santa Day

At the Blue Whale Media offices we have one full day that is mapped out for festivities and Christmas activities. During the day we have gingerbread decorating head to heads, a christmas quiz and an office awards ceremony. On the same day, we exchanged Secret Santa gifts. There was a huge range of presents, from the classic chocolate and a bottle of our favourite tipples to personalised pens, fluffy socks and novelty mugs. The warm and festive feeling across the office is always something that the whole team enjoys, and it’s safe to say that we were all happy with our gifts this year.

Who had the most interesting gift?

Deciding who has the best gift is subjective and I’m sure each member of the team would give you a different answer. There was an impressive range of gift types and our team have managed to make the Christmas period exciting and memorable with such unique gifts. Some of the most interesting gifts throughout the office were a maltesers bouquet, an English garden birds calendar and a biltong selection box!


Secret Santa is a great way to bring the office together at the end of a busy festive period and has helped us all to enjoy the last weeks of 2019. Each year we develop new and interesting gift ideas, and we’re sure that 2020 will be a great year. With new additions to the team and a new year of work ahead of us, who knows what 2020 Secret Santa will bring?!