SEO as an Alternative to PPC?

SEO Cheshire is undoubtedly on the rise. Companies are now dedicating more and more of their online marketing budgets to SEO strategies in order to increase their visitor and conversion rates.

But should we all be abandoning our PPC campaigns? Or is PPC still an important component of online marketing?

What Are They Both?

So before we start weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of SEO and PPC, its only right that we quickly explain what both of them are for those that may not be aware.

SEO- Search engine optimisation is an online marketing technique used by those seeking to improve ranking amongst search engine results. SEO builds the amount of organic traffic to a website and can be carried out by website owners on any budget.

PPC- Pay per click is an online marketing method that allows users to buy keywords and phrases, so that when web surfers search for those phrases, their link will appear. Users can bid on keywords and effectively pay for each and every visitor to their website.

So what sets these two marketing methods apart


The huge difference between SEO Cheshire and PPC is the price that they both cost. SEO is fundamentally cost free, unless you pay for an agency to operate and run campaigns on your behalf.

PPC will always cost you money. PPC is conducted through services such as Google Ad Words that allow users to bid for key phrases amongst search engine results. When a user clicks onto a link through using the search term, the user pays every time.

How Quickly Does It Become Effective?

SEO Cheshire is a long term strategy to improve search engine rankings. Those that choose to adopt an SEO strategy may not see immediate results and it may take a long time for their positioning to change.

PPC can offer your website the shot in the arm it needs when it comes to the amount of visitors you achieve. As long as you are willing to pay for the visitors, sponsored links will appear at the top of search engine results and give you a leg up.

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