SEO Tactics That You Should Scrap

For many website owners, marketers learning about SEO, or expert web designers such as Web Design Warrington, the most convenient to search out some learning material is online. However, when you search on ‘SEO strategies to apply’, you will be given both recent and outdated results. Outdated ones can be terrifying, because for one, they are ineffective, and two, they can cause permanent damage to your website ranking. And this why Google and SEO experts warn users of applying outdated tactics when creating their website’s visibility.

The following are some of the tactics that website designers like Web Design Warrington warns you about applying:

Keyword Planner-based keyword research

When starting a keyword research, Web Design Warrington suggests not to start with the AdWords and Keyword Planner and expand into other tools because they seem to have problems with metrics. You should replace them with clickstream data-driven tools with difficulty and CTR%. Clickstream data like Ahrefs or SEMrush or Keyword Explorer are the best tools that you can use.

The reason why AdWords and Keyword Planner doesn’t work is that AdWords hide so many keywords that they think are not commercially relevant. It is too inaccurate, especially the volume data. It’s also too imprecise and it lacks some crucial metrics, including difficulty and click-through rate percentage.

Subdomains and separate domains for SERP domination

Traditionally, if you wanted to own the first page of Google search for both branded and unbranded query, one of the ways to do this was to add in some subdomains to your website or register some separate domains so that you can control that top 10.

Why that doesn’t work

So what happened recently, is that Google has started to give priority to multiple subpages that in a single SERP from a single domain. You can see this with Quora on a bunch of the kind of question style searches. You can replace subdomains and separate domains for SERP with barnacle SEO and hosted content, this means that you don’t have to put your content on a different subdomain for it to rank many times in the same SERP.

Barnacle SEO is also great because Google is giving a lot of privileges to some of these websites that host content; you can create or generate profiles. We at Web Design Warrington think this is really an excellent way to go, and this is why users are shifting from subdomains to get into SERPS.

Prioritising number one rankings over traffic driving SEO techniques

This is probably one of the most common tactics that you see around where a lot of people who are familiar with SEO word from having used consultants ten years ago are still obsessed with it. You can replace it with SERP feature SEO and long-tail targeting. Long-tail targeting means that you go after keywords that are not competitive.

Why that doesn’t work is because SERP features are biasing the click-through rate such that the number one isn’t worth like it used to be.

Moving up rankings with link building alone

This is when people rank in number 5 or 1o and that they can now build their way to the top. This doesn’t work because traditionally, the path to get higher rankings would get you most of the way up to the top but not anymore. You can replace it with searcher task accomplishment, UX optimization, and content upgrade. UX optimization gets the user experience down and nails the format of the content, so it serves searches better. Content upgrades improve the actual content on the page.

Obsessing about keyword placement in certain tags

An example of this is spending a lot of time and energy to make sure that the H1 and H2 or the headlines tags can contain keywords. This mostly doesn’t work, and you should replace it with obsessing over related keywords and topics.

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