Signs You Need To Change Your SEO Agency

Summary: You have an SEO agency but your website is still not producing desired results. Not sure if the agency is really doing the job? The pointers, from our Warrington SEO team, in this article could help you assess if your SEO partner is really what it vouches to be or if you need to move to a real expert.

SEO is a process that takes time to show results. Given this fact, it can be quite difficult for you to assess if your agency is doing its job right. It can be even more difficult if you are a newbie to SEO.

Knowing some signs of a dubious company can empower you to assess the merit or the lack of it, in your SEO agency. Hire a new qualified Warrington SEO agency if you face any or all of these problems with your existing company.

They Guarantee 100% Results

SEO is an ever-changing domain. With search engines updating their algorithms consistently, it is not possible for any SEO company to guarantee 100% results. If the company promises a number one ranking on search engines for a keyword, get alert and drop the service provider immediately.

Stay away from companies that assure you 100% results on the pretext of having insider insights into search engine algorithms. Search engines favour only high quality websites with useful information, not any individual or company.

They Do Not Have A Plan

SEO needs to have several components (e.g. web design, content, backlinks, etc.) in place consistently to deliver results. A concrete plan that describes the alignment and realisation of these components is essential. For example, the plan should specify the type and frequency of content that needs to go on your blog over a period of time, and the expected results (e.g. page views, social media shares, etc.).

Be warned if a company doesn’t seem to have a proper procedure, or offers ambiguous explanations when asked about their working methodology.

They Produce Substandard Content

If you get low-quality content with irrelevant information and grammatical errors from your SEO agency, get cautious.

A professional Warrington SEO company uses a well-designed content strategy to attract search engines. It make judicious use of text, images, infographics and videos, to generate interest. Focus is on creating content that offers solutions for audiences, entertains them, or gives them specific information.

They Deliver Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are an important aspect of SEO contributing to top search engine rankings. However, these backlinks must be of high quality – they need to be from relevant sources with super-informative content.

Check your backlinks. Sources that have no connection to your product/ services, or those that have shoddy content, can malign your online reputation. Such practices are frowned upon by search engines, and can get your website blocked.

They Don’t Deliver Any Visible Results

SEO is a slow process, but with proper planning and implementation of strategies, you should be able to see results over time. If you have not seen any tangible results even after several months, your agency may not be as good as its promises to be.

SEO is a constantly-evolving domain. Expect an update in the form of a new algorithm upgrade, or content or design changes. If your agency has not incorporated any update even after several years, choose a new skilled Warrington SEO partner.

Check for customer referrals and talk to clients directly while shopping for an SEO agency. Check the company for credentials such as trustworthy industry memberships and case studies. Finding a professional Warrington SEO company is difficult but is valuable in the long term.

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