Snapchat Provides Insights into User Behaviour

Snapchat is so famous when it comes to online chatting and media sharing that it requires only just a brief introduction whenever talking about it. Web design Manchester suggests that the idea of selling ads online has become prevalent nowadays because it is one of the most comfortable means of generating money online. Google is best known for this, and they make over 90% of their total revenue through Google ads. Ads will only be relevant if they communicate information pertinent to the targeted audience. This point brings about the issue of the location of these clients so that the advertiser may prioritise the advertisements before delivering to their viewers. There is a need to link location data and the interests of the people so that the advertisers can provide the most appropriate ads to their customers.

We no longer need to do a lot of work to have websites nowadays like in the past. You can have your own today by just following the simple procedures at web design Manchester. Sites are the most common means of online information sharing which can be through a computer or a smartphone application. Snapchat is already implementing this, and here we are to discuss how it works. Most online services and web pages created by web design Manchester today have been linked to location services such as Google location through the help of the built-in GPS, GLONASS or Compass receivers that are contained by most smartphones. Through the support of these receivers and GSM, then Snapchat gets the location of the phone at the time it accessed the internet. The spatial data can then be linked to other information supplied by the user.

Location service is optional and is turned on when a Snapchat user accepts to share their location when starting the app. Through an agreement to the terms of service during signup, the users enter into a contract with the Snapchat Company that they are willing to share their data. The agreement also binds data provided by these users, and the company may use it as it pleases provided that they do not infringe into the privacy of their users. Snapchat saw an opportunity, and so far they have succeeded in providing insights about the behaviour of their users by linking their daily activity patterns to their data to determine who they are and what interests them. This technique has helped them serve their users with relevant information.

Snapchat optimises ads for every individual depending on the patterns observed for each of them. Say, the user has been identified to be posting at a pizza shop at lunchtime then the Snapchat app will be able to serve ads related to pizza to that user at that specific period. Again web design Manchester supports how these ads are useful to the users who like to find whatever they are looking for quickly by clicking on the most appropriate ones also on sites like web design Manchester. Through such implementation of integrated services, problems for most of Snapchat users are solved, but there is need to be vigilant about what the users share lest they share vital information that may lead them to their demise. This crucial information could be financial details, private documents that are likely to attract trouble.  

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