Spring Wedding Colour Palette

#fbf6e0 Colour


#fff9c7 Colour


#e0eff6 Colour


#ecdff3 Colour


#fedadc Colour


#d7f0ed Colour


What is a colour Palette?

A colour palette is a collection of colours to be used in your design. In other words, a colour palette is a colour scheme. You can find various colour palettes on the Internet, or you could create your own. There are pros and cons to both. If you’re just getting started with design of any kind, I would recommend that you find a colour palette that you like and adjust each colour until it is just right for you.

Spring Wedding Colour Palette

Why choose a colour palette?

Why would you want to use a colour palette? The biggest reason to use a colour palette is aesthetics. People don’t want to look at something that is visually displeasing. The second reason for using a colour palette is emotion. When humans see colour, it makes us feel a certain way. Reds symbolise danger, Blues symbolises wisdom and purples symbolise luxury. Colour has a magical way of changing how we think and feel.

Colour Palette Representation

For this specific colour palette, you would associate the range of colours with spring due to the light and pastel affects. As the colour are not very harsh or shockingly bright, they provide a calm and peaceful vibe which would be perfect for Spring. Linking to an industry aspect, a spring wedding would really benefit from using these colours as again they portray a very innocent feel. Businesses such as wedding planners, florists, cake decoraters etc, would maybe incorporate this colour palette to relate to their audience.

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