Standout Examples of The Best Social Media Marketing

In social media, there are many different techniques and methods to market your brand – owing to the fact there are many different social media platforms with their own target audiences and uses. For example, LinkedIn is a far more professional and work-based social media platform with an older audience, whereas Twitter is more of a younger audience and informal. This means your marketing strategy may change depending on the platforms your business uses, or you may struggle to incorporate every single platform. In this blog, I will showcase some of the best examples of social media marketing.

Posting User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is any piece of content created by someone who is not an official member of the business. This can include anything from a comment on a blog, a status written which tags your business, a blog on an external website, or a review. Many brands utilise UGC content as a way to build a community and increase engagement amongst their followers and customers – it helps to humanise the brand and shows they are actively listening to their customers. It also helps with content creation – because you aren’t creating the content! This creates more time for your content team to create more content that can be used elsewhere, whilst you can simply re-post UGC assets.

A good example of using UGC can be seen with cupshe’s Instagram. Cupshe is a swimsuit brand and their Instagram content is almost exclusively UGC. In their bio you can clearly see their promotion for this and how customers can be featured: by simply uploading a picture and tagging the brand. They can then post their own customers showcasing their swimsuit products without the need of hiring professional models. The use of UGC and seeing other, real-life customers in swimsuits also promotes a sense of trust when purchasing from cupshe which may otherwise not be there if they were to use professional models and tailored swimsuits.

Humour and Comedy

Many brands utilise humour and comedy on their social media, and this can be seen in many brands on Twitter. As Twitter is geared to a younger audience and much less formal than its social media counterparts, brands have a sense of freedom to insert more personality and humour into their marketing on this platform. Time and time again brands have successfully increased their engagement ten-fold and even started trending from their humorous posts. However, it is always important to remember not to over-do it on Twitter – social media managers are required to understand that even though they can show some personality in their posts, they are still representing the brand and not themselves as individuals.

A good example of constant brand humour is Taco Bell. On their Twitter, this brand has a steady flow of humorous tweets. They incorporate trending hashtags to increase engagement and visibility of their tweets, adding a twist of humanisation to their brand for jumping onto personal yet funny trends.

Visual Media

You’ve heard it plenty of times before: a picture is worth a thousand words. But it’s true, and that’s why people will keep telling you. It’s also why you can go onto the social media of any business or brand and you will fail to find a single post that does not contain visual media such as an image or a video – it simply doesn’t happen.

A good example of using visual media is the Starbucks Instagram. From the first glance you can clearly see the type of vibe they are trying to showcase in their images and colours. Their Instagram takes advantage of both real, professional photos and infographics to promote their coffee products. All the pictures of people use the same styling guide as can be seen by the constant same lighting type, with the background blurred. Starbucks also uses user-generated content, consistently publishing pictures of their coffee that other people have uploaded.

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