Start An Ecommerce Business In Three Steps

Online retail sales in the UK are pegged to reach £60 billion for the year 2016. Online sales has seen an increase of over 14% over the last two years. These figures prove that more people are taking up online shopping with an ecommerce website design Warrington agency. Want to start an ecommerce website? It may sound like a huge task. However, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Here, our ecommerce website design Warrington team shows the important steps to take to start an ecommerce website

Step 1 – Choose An Industry/Product

There are literally millions of products on the market. How do you decide which products to sell? Here are some things to consider when choosing an industry and product.

• Selling price

• Margins

• Local sourcing

• Shipping size

• Your interest in the industry

Step 2 – Find Manufacturers

Once you have zoomed in on the products you want to sell, the next step is to find the right manufacturer. Finding a reliable manufacturer is crucial to the success of your business. Here are some ways to save time finding manufacturers. Google Shopping – It’s a wonderful search engine to find products sold online. It also offers information about the re-sellers, and suppliers. Enter the product name in the search box and look at the manufacturers under the “Brand” section.

Step 3 – Set Up the Website

Here are some things you will need to get you started with your ecommerce website.

• Choose a domain name

• Choose hosting service provider

• Get your company logo designed

• Choose an ecommerce platform you want to base your website on

• Find a good ecommerce website design Warrington agency.

Choose The Right Web Design Agency

Choosing the right ecommerce website design Warrington agency is crucial. After all, it is your website that will bring in traffic, and present your products. If your website does not offer a good user experience, even a healthy traffic is of no use. You need an experienced website design Warrington agency to create an ecommerce website that and helps you achieve your business goals. At Blue Whale Media, we are here to create an ecommerce solution that works for you. We are all ears. Contact us today on 01925 552050 to discuss your ecommerce project.

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