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Stef – Learning Q&A

Stef – Learning Q&A

Question 1 – Are you a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinaesthetic learner?


Question 2 – Do you prefer to do your most difficult tasks in the morning or afternoon?

Morning or late evening

Question 3 – Do you prefer to focus on one assignment at a time or multitask? 

One assignment

Question 4 – Do you prefer to communicate through email, phone or one to one meetings?

Email so I can go back to them

Question 5 – What is your greatest professional achievement within Blue Whale Media?

Blue Whale is my greatest achievement 

Question 6 – What type of work environment do you prefer?


Question 7 – What characteristic do you most admire in others?


Question 8 – What sort of pupil were you in high school?


Question 9 – Why did or didn’t you go to university?

Didn’t need to go to achieve the skills I needed

Question 10 – What other training would you like to do within Blue Whale Media?

So much! Mainly learn other programs

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