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Stef – Let’s Get Political Q&A

Stef – Let’s Get Political Q&A

Question 1 – Have you ever voted in an election or referendum?


Question 2 – When was the first time you voted?

When I was 18

Question 3 – When was the last time you voted?

2017 election

Question 4 – EU: Remain or Leave?

No comment

Question 5 – Should there be a second Brexit referendum?

No that’s not democratic

Question 6 – Are you a member of a political party?


Question 7 – Do you share who you vote for or keep it private?

Keep it private

Question 8 – Do you believe Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the US Presidential election?


Question 9 – Who did you vote for in the 2017 general election?

No comment

Question 10 – Did you support #WengerOut ?

No, ha!

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