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Stef – Tech Q&A

Stef – Tech Q&A

Question 1 – What is your favourite piece of technology that you own?


Question 2 – What piece of technology is really frustrating to use?


Question 3 – What was the best technology invention of the last 50 years?


Question 4 – Which emerging technology are you most excited about?


Question 5 – Will technology save the human race or destroy it?

Destroy it

Question 6 – What technology from a film would you most like to have?


Question 7 – What sci-fi movie or book would you like the future to be like?


Question 8 – What do you wish technology could do that it doesn’t do now?

Get us places faster

Question 9 – What piece of technology has made the world better and what has made it worse?

Light bulb and automatic machines

Question 10 – What is the most stupid piece of technology you’ve heard of?

Wired Wireless Charging 

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