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Stephanie – 10 Quick Q&A

Stephanie – 10 Quick Q&A

Question 1 – What’s Your Favourite Zodiac/Star Sign?


Question 2 – Favourite Film?

Pretty Woman

Question 3 – Worst Film You’ve Ever Seen?


Question 4 – Favourite Type Of Dog?

Plead the 5th 

Question 5 – What 3 Characters (from any kind of media) Do You Most Associate With?

Olivia Pope (I want to be her)

Elizabeth Mccord (I wish I was that clever) 

Blaire Waldorf (far too accurate)

Question 6 – Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?


Question 7 – Do You Believe In Ghosts?


Question 8 – Favourite TV Show As A Kid?

Rosie & Jim

Question 9 – Warm Weather Or Cold Weather?


Question 10 – Coffee Or Tea?


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