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Stephanie – Working At Blue Whale Media Q&A

Stephanie – Working At Blue Whale Media Q&A

Question 1 – What do you specialise in?

Web Design

Question 2 – Favourite Part Of The Job?

Seeing Finished Sites

Question 3 – Worst Part Of The Job?


Question 4 – What’s Your Aspiration?

To have a successful company to pass onto my children

Question 5 – What Is Your Strength?


Question 6 – What Is Your Weakness?


Question 7 – Biggest change at Blue Whale Media as a whole that’s affected you

Hiring people takes pressure off me & it means I can focus on achieving my goals

Question 8 – Where do you see yourself in a year?

Same place but doing less of the day to day designs and more management 

Question 9 – Biggest help to you at Blue Whale Media?

Danielle & Eve taking care of some of the work I used to have to do

Question 10 – Why do you like Blue Whale Media?

Because it is turning into the company I dreamed of 7 years ago when it was setup

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