How to Stop Amazon from Suggesting Products to Buy?

Amazon tracks previous purchases, as well as items you have searched for and even products other customers with similar purchasing habits and tastes have purchased, to suggest other products that may interest you.

These product suggestions show at the bottom as well as on the side of a product page on the Amazon site.


If you are selling on Amazon, product suggestions could work against you. A customer who comes across your product may decide to buy from your competitor just because they saw it on the suggestion list.

Is there a way to ensure Amazon does not show product recommendations to your customers? No. That’s not in your control at all. However, users can turn off product recommendations if they so prefer. But that’s not in your control either.

A good alternative is to sell on your own eCommerce website. And that’s not too difficult or expensive either. As a leading website design Liverpool agency, we can build an eCommerce website for you starting at £995 + VAT.

Turning Off Product Recommendations

Head to “Your Account” menu page.

Click on “Your Browsing History Settings” that’s listed under Personalisation.

Click on the “Delete All” button.

Once you delete your account’s browsing history, Amazon will not be able to make any recommendations based on your browsing history.

Head back to “Your Account” page.

Click on “Improve Your Recommendations” option.

Browse through the list of products and check the box “Don’t Use for Recommendations” against each entry.

Now Amazon won’t be able to use your past purchases to offer any recommendations.

Get an eCommerce Website

The above steps will ensure that Amazon does not show product recommendations. However, this is something you can do only for your account. What about all your customers’ accounts? They will still see Amazon’s product recommendations unless they follow those steps.

A better alternative is to invest in an eCommerce website. There are several benefits to this.

You have your own presence online instead of an Amazon page.

You can track all visits and purchases from your eCommerce website.

Not all visitors turn into customers. On Amazon, they may visit a competitor’s page. If those same visits come to your site, you can convert your visitors into subscribers and warm leads that you can convert in future using email marketing and offers.

You can track user activity (via Google Analytics) to improve conversions.

Amazon is a third party marketplace. You don’t own or control any part of it. However, you control your website and can do a lot of things to make sure things fall in place.

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