Stop Doing These Things On Social Media

Social Media is essential for digital marketing. Just because it is required, it does mean that you should be responsible and smart about what you are doing on your social accounts. For the audience’s sake please replace bad practises with good ones. This will ensure you turn the reader on not off. Below is a list of things to avoid doing on your socials.

Firstly, overusing hashtags. I know you want to be found on Twitter and Instagram and hashtags help you achieve that. You should avoid this as it makes you look spammy and desperate with too many irrelevant hashtags tags. Bots my like you and gain you followers but most of the time these will be inactive spam followers which will not grow your online presence. Instead of spamming hashtags, be deliberate with your hashtags. Keep the focus on the message and not the dozen hashtags, just use two or 3 relevant hashtags.

Secondly, try to avoid jumping on every trend. This makes you look like everybody else by doing what’s hot at the moment. You should stop this as it makes you look foolish when jumping on the bandwagon instead of doing what is relevant. Instead, add value and not noise. Before hitting the publish button, ask yourself is this relevant to my company. If no then onward to something else that will.

Thirdly, sharing is caring except when it’s not. Oversharing can be bad as it will make you look silly, phoney and pretentious when sharing pics of your breakfast of removed tonsils. Instead, remember that your brand is a public figure, you can be entertaining, clever and bold as long as your professional, useful and savvy about what you post.

Furthermore, you should stop posting the same message across channels. Of course, were busy. But there are better ways to save time than blindly publishing the same message to all socials. The reason you should stop is that it makes you look lazy and foolish when pushing the same exact message across the channels, it can make you look like you can’t be bothered and that you don’t value your followers and what they view from you. Instead, Build and use a distributed content strategy to create unique messages. Your brand will show up as real and interesting for those sacred eyeballs you’ve spent time winning.

Yet again, you should spend time responding to your audience as if you don’t then your followers will feel unvalued and then will disengage themselves from your socials. You should also stop this because it causes a lack of respect for your socials and your company. Instead, plan talk-time into your posting schedule. Ask questions, encourage them to share feedback, respond in kind and follow up with everyone to ensure you keep user a friendly brand who interacts with their followers.

Furthermore, do not keep your social account private, if it is private then people may feel shy about trying to follow as they may think they are unwanted on your profile. People may think if you use this that you are lazy or hiding something. Instead, buy and use all of your social media accounts. If your profile is not yet ready for prime time let people know when they can expect to see you up and active.

Something else that you should avoid doing is using automated replies. Automated replies can make you look really lazy and not bothered. You should stop because who wants to respond to a bot? instead of using an automated bot make sure to take time out of your day to personally respond to any questions or complaints people have.

On social media, you should avoid posting for posting’s sake. If you do this it makes you look like a posting machine and desperate for any attention you can get, sure attention is great for your social account, but it will be the wrong type of attention. It will also cause current followers to click the unfollow button. Instead, know your audience and write and post what they want to see and what is relevant to your business.

You should avoid deleting bad reviews at all cost, people won’t trust you if you are dictating what reviews people see and what they don’t to make yourself look perfect. Instead, embrace the negativity and solve the problem to show your followers that you can sort the issue which would make you look better than being “perfect”.

Finally, stop posting more than talking, you need to ensure that you talk to your followers more than just making general posts. Yes, posts are good but making engagements with your followers are better. You should avoid it because you keep your distance from your audience when doing so. Instead, obsess less about keeping your socials fresh and have conversations with your followers. Engagement > self-promotion.

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