Subject Lines That Relate To Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing is something that some people are afraid of and others are only just tipping their toe in. With the advancement of technology, a lot of people use their emails as a way of being introduced to a new product, receive special deals/offers, hearing about new products and much more. Email Marketing isn’t just for desktop either. Did you know that 55% of emails are opened by users with their mobile phones? With this in mind, the subject line becomes even more important as it is what the subscribers will be seeing first. Take a look at our top advice on how to produce the perfect subject line.

Keep it short and straight to the point

As a subject line is the first thing people will see before looking at the full content, it needs to instantly grab their attention and encourage them to open the email. Sometimes people try and go too far to entice the subscribers when really it should be about connecting with them and giving them what they want. A good example of this is to make it more personalised to them in a short phrase. In addition to this, you don’t want to start writing a long length sentence that only includes the important information at the end of the sentence.

Create a sense of urgency

Within the subject line, you do want to make the subscriber open the email, but you also want them to open it there and then instead of forgetting about it. This is especially important when your email is a promotional one and offers a deal for a limited time period. To do this you might want to use something like ‘Last day to grab 30% off your order’. By creating this sense of urgency, it will make the subscribers instantly click into the email and use the offer. However, you don’t want to use this subject line in every email as it won’t seem as special.

Ask Questions

Another way to change up your subject line is by using a question that is direct to the subscriber. This is a way to make the user answer the question and then want to find out the answer, enticing them to open the email fully. An example of this could be ‘Is your existing Email Marketing campaign not making you money?’. By using a subject line like this, it gives a different approach to other emails people will be receiving. However, if you use a question for the subject line, you must answer it either within the email or reference a link to an article that answers it.

Use some emojis

As the trends of technology move on, it is important to keep up with them, so you can use them within your subject line. A modern way of creating an interesting subject line is to use emojis. Did you know that including emojis in email subject lines lead to a 56% higher open rate, compared to text-based subject lines? Just think about a subscriber seeing lots of text in their emails then an emoji pops up. Everyone loves to see creative images and using emojis in your subject line is just the start.

Our Expert Email Marketing Warrington Team

To sum everything up, subscribers love subject lines that are direct to them and that are honest and relate to the full email content. Trying out a variety of subject lines is always useful to do as testing will show which one is most popular. To try Email Marketing for your business, don’t forget to contact our Email Marketing Warrington team on 01925 552050.

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