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Junior Graphic Designer

Jess Thornton

Jess is currently working for Blue Whale Media, as a Level 3 Graphic Designer apprentice. During college, she achieved a distinction for her UAL Art and Design Level 3 Diploma course, where she studied everything from fine art to graphic design. Specialising in fine art and illustration, Jess brings an artistic flair to everything she does and is a perfectionist when it comes to her work. She is a keen learner and picks skills up quickly. Logo Design is a passion for Jess as she aims to ensure that every brand is unique and distinctive as she believes that individuality is one of the most important qualities in both brands as well as people. Whatever your creative vision, Jess strives to make it heard and produced to the highest of quality. Jess enjoys music, both playing and listening, drawing in all kinds of mediums, such as pencil, paint and digital, and playing video games.


Black Mirror



What I Do

Website UI/UX design

Jess creates custom website designs for all sorts of clients ranging from solicitors to fast food takeaways! She can design professional and innovative websites to suit any business, always focusing on enhancing the user experience. 

Visual Brand Identity

Jess has a love for developing brands whether it’s a redesign or starting your business’s brand direction from scratch. This covers your logos, colours, fonts and anything else which can be used on websites, socials and print platforms. 

Brochure Design

Blue Whale Media designs all types of websites but one of the most popular categories is a Brochure website. Jess has the skills and experience to design creative and compelling websites to enhance the performance of the business. 

Ecommerce Design

Designing websites for ecommerce businesses is one of Jess key responsibilities. She can design sites to optimise the potential of the company’s sales. Whilst also creating an engaging website to retain current customers.

“You only get one spark of madness; you mustn’t lose it.” Robin Williams

Jess Thornton

Junior Graphic Designer