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Marketing Executive

Josh Jackson

Josh is a Marketing Executive at Blue Whale Media. He has been working at Blue Whale Media for nearly two years now and he works with different companies to help build their social media presence. He has completed his Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and is now currently working towards a 4-year degree in Digital Marketing. He has a huge passion for Digital Marketing where he is able to create and manage different types of marketing plans to help companies build their brand, increase sales and more.

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What I Do

Social Media Ads Management

Josh manages many ads accounts for our clients this involves strategic planning and implementation of social media ads. Creating striking graphics and engaging copyright along with conducting the analytics reports to ensure your campaign is running at optimum potential.

Social Presence Development

One of Josh’s many tasks is developing a business’s social media presence. Optimising the social media accounts helps to portray the brand identity across all platforms. Therefore, creating a recognisable brand.

Marketing Campaign Creation and Development 

Managing and developing marketing campaigns is one of the most important parts of Josh’s role. He is responsible for the research, implementation and development of marketing campaigns across a multitude of different platforms.

Creative Direction for Digital Production

Josh works closely with the production team to help with the overall creative process. This is to ensure that all videos and production projects will have that marketing flair to them.

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” Edwin Land

Josh Jackson

Marketing Executive