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Lauren Johnson

auren, a talented and passionate individual, has found her niche in the world of technology and design. With her skills continuously growing and evolving, she has become an integral part of the team at Blue Whale Media. Over the years, she has successfully built numerous websites, showcasing her expertise in the field. But Lauren's contribution to the company goes beyond her technical abilities. She has also taken on the role of an in-house mentor to the new apprentices at Blue Whale Media. This responsibility holds special meaning for Lauren, as she herself went through the Apprenticeship program at the company. Having experienced the benefits of such a program firsthand, she understands the value of providing guidance and support to those starting their career journey. Although Lauren is a proud local of Warrington, she has a strong desire to explore new places whenever she can. Whether it's a nearby city or a foreign land, she finds joy in traveling and experiencing different cultures. However, when she's not jetting off to new destinations, you can often find her at the cinema, keeping up with the latest films. And when she's at home, Lauren dotes on her beloved kitty named "Tabby". Aside from her adventures and leisure activities, Lauren has another responsibility that keeps her occupied – caring for her nursery of house plants. Keeping plants alive and thriving can be quite a task, but she takes it on with determination and care.

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Grey's Anatomy

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Sweet Potato Fries

What I Do


WordPress Development

Blue Whale Media is known for its innovative and creative client websites. Lauren and our web development team have the skills to build and maintain websites using HTML, CSS, J-Query and PHP to help improve the performance of your business.


WooCommerce Development

Lauren has the skills and techniques to build all genres of websites. Developing eCommerce websites to enhance the sales performance of the company is just one of Laurens’s many responsibilities.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design

Lauren is able to create dynamic and fully responsive websites for our clients. This means that your website will be running at an optimum capacity no matter what device or platform is being used.

Web Design Apprentice

Training Apprentices

We have hired two new web dev apprentices and Lauren undertakes the responsibility to train and bring them up to the Blue Whale Media level. Lauren is working on developing the skills of the apprentices to introduce them to the creative digital world.

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Lauren Johnson

“Web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine” - Paul Cookson

Lauren Johnson

Web Developer