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Marketing Executive

Lucy Bennet

Lucy is one of our newest members of the marketing team and Blue Whale Media family. She has joined the team as a social media apprentice and will receive a level 3 qualification in digital marketing when she completes her apprenticeship. Lucy is excited to learn more about how Blue Whale Media works within the industry and expand her knowledge of digital marketing. In her spare time, you can find Lucy browsing vintage shops to expand her already huge wardrobe! Along with planning creative photoshoots with her friends, which she uploads to her social media! She is already getting the hang of the world of social media!

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What I Do

Email marketing 

Lucy writes a lot of our support emails for our clients. Giving our clients the latest updates and offers straight to their inboxes. Conducting different email campaigns to optimise business growth is another part of Lucy’s role.

Copywrite for marketing content

One of Lucy’s responsibilities is to write creative and engaging copywrite for Blue Whale Media and for our clients across a plethora of platforms. From websites, blogs, newsletters and everything in between.

Marketing campaign creation and development

Managing and developing marketing campaigns is one of the most important parts of Lucy’s role. Shee is responsible for the research, implementation and development of marketing campaigns across a multitude of different platforms.

Creative direction for digital production

Lucy works closely with the production team to help with the overall creative process. This is to ensure that all videos and production projects will have that marketing flair to them.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Steve Jobs

Lucy Bennet

Marketing Executive