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Sir Sleepsalot


Sir Sleeps-A-Lot Sid has been with Blue Whale Media for over 6 years now, and he continues to get grumpier with each year that goes by. Whilst he insists he is his mum's favourite, he spends most of his time being the office sleepy-head. Sid is adamant that floors are overrated as he much prefers snoozing the day away on his mum’s desk, making sure she’s always staying on task. Wherever his mum may be Sid will be close by! Sid may be the smallest of the pack, but he sure acts like the top dog! In his spare time, he loves going for walks with his parents and brothers!

Favourite colour

Red The colour of his Christmas bow

Favourite TV show or film

Anything with other animals!

Favourite animal


Favourite food

Lola’s Peanut Butter Cookies

What I Do

Clear Desk

Clear Desk Enforcer

One of Sid’s responsibilities is to make sure everyone’s desk is clear. If Sid can’t walk across it, then it’s time to reorganise your desk!


Blanket Tester

Sid takes his role very seriously… Although he may have a favourite sleeping spot in the office, if there is a blanket in the office, Sid will most definitely have tested the blanket to see if it’s of premium napping quality.


Sun Bathing Enthusiast

Even though Sid may be a grumpy pup, he sure loves a patch of sunshine! On a sunny day, you can find Sid working on his tan snoozing in the sunshine.