Tech Sense

Tech Sense – 2021 Half-Year Review

When it comes to introducing your company or services as a new brand, you have only a few moments to make a worthwhile impression. Branding gives you the opportunity to break through the world of millions of businesses and showcase yourself against the competition. 

Branding and Logo Design can make or break how someone perceives you, your product, or your company. 

At Blue Whale Media, our graphic design team are constantly working on unique and bespoke branding projects for our clients. For example, a recent rebranding project involved Tech Sense, they are a tech company based in Stockport, who came to us for a new website and new branding. The new branding includes a new logo that will feature throughout their website and a matching colour scheme that will increase their brand identity. 

Cohesion in Branding Elements 

Creating cohesion with branding elements is essential when creating a new brand and then designing the website as well. If the logo and the website’s colour scheme do not work with the overall tone of the company website, the success will be limited. This is why our graphic designers at Blue Whale Media create strong brand guidelines along with a concise plan for the website design. 

One of the biggest benefits of cohesive branding is that your business will be recognised even where there is no logo present at all. Overall it increases trust, which is essential for any brand because potential customers have to trust you in order to do business with you. 

Importance of brand guidelines

Regardless of the size of your business or company, brand guidelines are a key tool to help ensure brand consistency. This is what our graphic designers work on whenever they start to create a new logo, or even when designing a website; they still follow the guidelines which have been set by the colour scheme of the logo and the fonts used. 

Without guidelines, your branding can become distorted over time and damage your brand value and reputation potentially. The consistency that brand guidelines provide allows your brand to be immediately more recognisable within your industry and with your target audience. With strong brand guidelines in place and a clear and concise plan, your brand will flourish and grow from strength to strength.

The success in branding all begins with professionally designed and crafted logos and graphics. Our team are experienced in creating hundreds of logos that cohesively fit with the website design and colour scheme. For every client, we invest time in getting to know you, so we understand your business and website requirements to then design a whole new brand and enhance the identity. 

If you’re looking to rebrand your company or your business doesn’t have a recognisable brand yet, why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media today? We can create a set of brand guidelines to introduce your brand to the world while also making the overall styling for your company.