The Process of Blue Whale Media Statuses

At Blue Whale Media, as the Marketing Account Manager, I create, write and schedule all statuses for the company monthly. We like to be a month in advance!
Here is a list of statuses that I create every month:

Blog statuses
Example of Work. i.e. Logos, Videos, Web Design graphics
Hump Day Facts
Monday morning Gif
National Days created on Canva
Quote of the Day
SEO tips
Tech News
Throwback Tech
Website Launches

Starting a status…

There are numerous steps made when writing statuses. The first being research! Research is the key focus of any status; it is what forms it after all. For Blue Whale statuses, I begin by finding out of we have any special offers at the minute and create some statues around the offer and the service is we are promoting. If we do not have any special offers currently on, I will open the Blue Whale Media website and use our services pages to form promotion statuses that will intrigue potential customers.

Creating the attractive photo…

We all know that the photo is the part really draws you in to read the status. Finding the perfect photo isn’t a walk in the park. You’ve got to ensure that the quality is acceptable, using a poor-quality picture could turn people away. Having the appropriate photo according to the status is a must! There’s no point using a photo of a water bottle when you are trying to promote web design… Some photos require you to use Photoshop to add in the Blue Whale Media logo or create the text and background of the picture.

Deciding which platforms to post to…

Choosing the right platforms to post your status to is vital! At Blue Whale Media, we use a variety of platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Linked In. It’s key that you make sure the statuses will post to all the platforms you choose. Twitter has a maximum character of 280 per status, and this can be a problem when trying to promote service in detail. Sometimes, it’s easier to send status to twitter separately and decrease the word count for it to successfully post.

Scheduling future statuses and boosts…

It can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to write and send out a status every single day. At Blue Whale Media, we use a multi-platform scheduler. This enables me to write and schedule a month’s worth of statues all at once! On the multi-platform scheduler I can choose the date, time and add even attach a photo for when the status is to be sent out automatically. Some statues need to be boosted on Facebook and I do this when the statues have gone live by manually going on Facebook and choosing the amount I want to boost the status by and until when. Boosting a status helps to attract a targeted audience.

Statuses to come…

Blue Whale Media are always coming up with new ideas for statuses. We have recently started experimenting with a graphics creator tool called Canva. Which we have fallen in love with! I have begun creating graphics for national days and weeks throughout the year, and we continue to come up with ideas as to how we can improve our social media appearance. Be sure to keep an eye out for all the exciting statuses to have to come soon.

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