The SEO Crawl Errors

Have you ever experienced errors while opening your websites or other websites? This is an example of a Crawl Error. It occurs when the search engine is unable to reach your website. A search engine is a process of trying to visit all the pages of your website using a bot. Once the bot is connected to the site, it starts to scan through all the public pages in it. The bot will also create indexes of every content in your site. It will then add links to all of these pages so that Google can use it. The site owner’s goal is to get all the pages of the site scanned or crawled by the bot. When the bot fails to crawl, the process will then show you errors. As SEO experts, Warrington Web Design is familiar with fixing these errors.

The main objective should be to make sure that all the links are connected to a specific page. Having a great web design like the Warrington web design will definitely help you avoid these type of errors.

There are two types of crawl errors.

Site Error

This error means that the bot is unable to crawl through the whole website. The error prevents the search engine bot from accessing the site. There can be plenty of reasons why. These are some of the most common ones.

  • DNS Errors – This error means that the search engine is unable to connect with your server. It might be because your server is down which means nothing can connect to it. This type of error is usually temporary, and the search engine will always try to come back to try and crawl the site.
  • Server Errors – If this error shows, it means that the bot was not able to connect to the website. One of the most common reasons why this error occurs is due to the flaws of your code. Server errors can also mean there are too many visitors to your site or there is too much traffic. Plus, the server you have cannot handle that much traffic anymore.
  • Bot Failure – Before the bot starts crawling, the bot tries to the robots.txt file also. If the bot cannot reach it, the search engine postpones crawling on the site.

URL Error

It means that the URL of your site cannot be crawled by the bot. The errors are easier to fix and maintain. It occurs in specific pages of a site. The errors may also occur due to DNS error or the engine cannot connect to the server for that URL. Try to refresh the page again and see if the error disappears. You can also download and install plugins to help you with that.

These are more specific URL errors that you might experience:

  • Mobile-specific errors – this crawl error occurs when you are using a smartphone. It is best to maintain a separate domain for a mobile interface.
  • Malware errors – This means that there is a malicious software on your site. It usually gathers and disrupts the operation of your site
  • Google News Errors – It means that Google is having a hard time documenting your site. It can occur due to lack of titles and headings.

Fixing Crawl Errors

You can install plugins that are available on your domain like WordPress and many more. It is also best to have a great web design like Warrington Web Design. You should also regularly and frequently schedule maintenance for your site.

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