The UK Is Testing Signs That Detects When Phones Are Being Used in Cars

Norfolk city council have set up signs that detect when someone is using their phones while driving. This is to become more aware of your use of your mobile when you are driving through the local towns. The signs detect when signals are being transmitted by a mobile phone inside your car.

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What Does It Mean?

The road signs work by using a scanner to detect the radio emitted when someone in the car is connected to a call and will proceed to light up the sign as you approach. The scanner picks up both mobile and Bluetooth signals and can differentiate between the two, meaning that if a Bluetooth connection is recognised, you will not be warned by the sign.

However, it doesn’t concentrate on mobile data connections, meaning those using internet on their phones won’t set off the light either. This is to crack down on the usage of mobile phones while people are driving, as it’s become a significant contributor to road accidents.

The Benefits

This crackdown on mobile use while driving is an excellent step in the right direction for motor-safety as a whole, as the roads are getting safer for each motorist. Those caught on their phones while driving by police will be faced with a £200 fine and six points on their license after stricter rules were set last year.

Although it doesn’t capture any drivers if you are flashed, it is mainly seen as a deterrent to make those using their phones behind the wheel think twice about their choices and the safety of those around them and themselves.

The Disadvantages

Unfortunately, as previously stated, the signs do not take photos or any record of offenders using their phones. It also can’t determine whether a driver or passenger is using the phone, which could produce issues further down the road.

However, it is mainly to encourage those to use their phones only when at a safe stop and not in traffic, and Norfolk county council have high hopes for their new development. The local police also have complete faith in the system, saying that they will use this as an experiment to record statistics for future crackdowns on offences of using your phone while driving.

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