Virtual AI summit event in 2020

The Virtual AI Summit

The Virtual AI summit is the world’s first and largest conference that addresses the practical implications of AI for enterprise organisations. It will look at how AI is set to transform business productivity.

The Virtual AI Summit will highlight both the AI business strategy and the technical know-how in a comprehensive agenda beyond what we first thought. Our team at Blue Whale Medi are always looking for new and exciting things to experience, we found The Virtual AI Summit and it is going ahead this year, here’s what you need to know:

Why Virtual?

Virtual platforms ensure the experience is of the same high-quality that we have all come to know and expect from physical events. Inspired by the possibilities available in adapting the AI Summit to a virtual format, the organisers are confident that delivering the Summit virtually will give the same high-quality content, learning and networking experience as other events.

The AI Summit’s community is a force of nature. For this year to go ahead, the organisers have been passionate about providing platforms that will bring the community together, ensuring innovation, change and progress within our industry.

When will the Virtual AI Summit take place?

The Virtual AI Summit is taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of September this year, although it is going ahead in London, it will all be virtual this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many positives because it now means virtual events are a possibility. The Virtual AI Summit can guide your business through the tech world and make great business connections. Whether you are initiating, implementing, or optimising projects virtually, with the AI Summit, you can access information and tools to bring business to life.

What will the Virtual AI Summit involve?

With a comprehensive two-day program of aspirational and practical content and a virtual exhibition of emerging tech, virtual AI is a chance to interact with a global audience of AI experts.

Here’s what you can expect from the Summit:

  • The chance to hear from an astounding line of C-suite speakers
  • Six industry vertical tech experts look at the issues and opportunities for AI within finance, healthcare, media, manufacturing, sales and marketing.
  • Access to the virtual quantum computing summit designed to showcase how quantum is delivering real business value.
  • An opportunity to connect and network with significant pioneers, disruptors and policy make via online networking lounges.
  • Use of advanced AI matchmaking where users AI-supported technology will match you with connections at the event based on preferences.

Attending tech summits

Throughout the UK, many tech events are a great opportunity to meet connections and create strong business relationships that can blossom into meaningful contacts. Depending on the types of speakers and panelists invited to speak at the event, you may learn something new or develop skills in a different area. If you see an event, you want to go to, take advantage of it because by investing a little time or money will give you the experience to grow professionally and personally.

Taking a break from your day-to-day responsibilities to attend an event or experience a summit allows for a change of scenery and new ideas to grow the business.