Top Features of the Themify Shoppe Theme

Top Features of the Themify Shoppe Theme

Ecommerce websites has seen a surge in recent times and many new businesses prefer to venture into this territory without wasting their time. However, with so many themes available in WordPress, choosing the perfect ecommerce theme can be tricky. So which is the best ecommerce theme? 

There are tons of free themes available in WordPress that offer excellent features and functionalities. However, a premium theme will offer more features and will help you grow your business. We have tried many premium WordPress themes, but the Themify Shoppe theme is the best and offers excellent functionalities. 

In this article, we will list the features of the Themify Shoppe theme and explain how they enhance the user experience.

Lots of skins

Themify Shoppe comes with lots of additional skins that transforms your website with a web designer in Birmingham and takes the user experience to a whole new level. It is very easy to set up and you will have a different look and feel to your site in no time.

Drag and Drop Builder

Coding can be troublesome and boring, especially if you are a beginner. However, this theme comes with excellent drag and drop feature that allows you to set your website within minutes. We loved the Themify Builder as it makes the task of arranging your page layout a breeze. You can also import pre-designed layouts, which make your designing job very efficient and convenient.

Flexible Layouts

Themify Shoppe includes lots of layout options and there is something for everyone. You can select a layout for each page or have the same layout running for your entire site. The smartly loaded resource files increase your theme’s loading time and enhances your user experience. With Themify Shoppe, you get 14 header layouts, nine archive layouts, and six footer layouts. 

Ajax Search

Ajax Search is one of the best features in the Themify Shoppe theme. We love this feature as it allows users to perform a quick-search for anything on your website. This function acts as a convenient feature for your users as they can quickly search your inventory for products and posts. 

Additional features

The Themify Shoppe theme will impress your visitors, as it elevates your site’s user experience. It also comes with several handy features that help you to grow your business.

  • Ajax Cart – This feature instantly puts the products in the dropdown cart when a user adds an item without reloading the page. Your users can check the cart total and remove an item from the Ajax cart. 
  • Wishlist – Having a wishlist feature impacts your user’s experience for good. They can add their wished items and return back later for further actions. We loved the sparkling animation that the theme displays whenever you put a product in the wishlist.
  • Quick Look – The quick look feature allows users to view an item’s details without opening the product page. This feature makes the user experience more convenient and efficient.
  • Gallery Slider – The gallery slider feature allows users to view all the product images with a simple hover on an archived product.
  • Image Zoom – Your users will love to have a closer look at their favorite items. With the image zoom feature, users can view large version of their product image with ease.
  • Product Share – You also get a product share button which allows users to share a product with other users. This feature helps you to gain more exposure and conversions.