A Design Process

With graphic design, every project or task will be different in their own right. There are many forms of graphic design from logo design to building custom websites. Everyone in which will have a process to get an understanding of what the client wants and produce time for the designer to gather ideas. Depending on the size of the task, processes can be really long or relatively quite short. I believe when the process is good and precise, the designs will follow a similar path. I will now go over all the different elements of a design process.


This is probably the most important when putting together a design process. Within a design, the brand is something that needs to be put across the most. Because a business isn’t a person, it needs its own identity in order for people to recognize and buy into. This is why all designs should adhere to the company’s established brand specifications. This will include logos, fonts, and company colours as a first ground basis. This is why it is important for you as a client to get your brand across and make sure your designer understands.


The brand of a business is always based on the audience or target market it is aiming at. For example, if the target audience was children, then the brand will have to be quite playful and fun in order to attract that market. With potential clients, first impressions always count. Therefore, the design and brand needs to catch their eye. With all spectrums of target audiences, trends change throughout time. It is important for your designer to know your audience as designs will adhere to the target market you are promoting towards.


Creating a style for a design is fairly easy when knowing the audience, you’re trying to adhere too. Formal, arty, plain and slick are all different styles that can be created when trying to create an overall message. This is not a brand; it’s how the brand is shown.


There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration of other people’s work. It is something almost everyone does not just in the design world. Sometimes examples of what you like as a client can help a designer gain an understanding of the look and feel you’re going for. Even if it’s just a particular thing you like about another design can help a designer massively.


There are many different types of mediums involved in the design. Will it be created for print, web, email and many other variables. Obviously, these will have to be established early on. All the mediums will have completely different processes in order to get to an endpoint. The way in which a brand comes across will be different on all types of mediums. For example, branding on a website will have to coincide with mobile responsiveness, how all the pages look etc. knowing all of this will give the designer an idea of canvas size and how to format colours and fonts.

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