Tips for a Great Website for Tradespersons

A tradesperson is someone who performs a job using his or her hands with a set of skills specific to the job. Carpenters, plumbers, handymen and contractors, are some examples of tradespersons. If you are a tradesperson, you can make your skills accessible to more people through a website. Using the skills of a professional Manchester web design company, you can make the website create more business for you.

If you are thinking of going the website way, these tips can come in handy:

Be Specific about your Services

Give your prospects a clear idea of what you do. If you are a wardrobe specialist, mention it in concrete terms instead of using a vague “carpentry services”. List all the services you provide.

Include Business Details

Prospects look for details such as years of experience and customer testimonials to form an opinion about you. Include these details. Ask your customers for referrals after completion of a job. Use these good words on your website to increase your credibility.

Upload Photographs and Videos

Use photographs of your job on your website. Ensure you put two photographs: one depicting the original condition, the other showing your handiwork. If customers are willing, shoot a video with them. Let them speak about your work and how happy they are with it. Have the problem areas that you fixed for the customer, in the background.

Highlight Contact Details

Make it easy for your customers to reach you. Include your phone number and email address prominently on your website. Have a simple contact form that enables them to reach you. A Manchester web design expert can help sync your mobile phone and website so that customers can text you directly via your website.

Go for a Simple and Efficient Design – Final Word From Our Manchester Web Design Team

Avoid including elements such as heavy graphics and flash banners unless essential. These elements slow down website loading, and frustrate users. Do not clutter text and images. Have a space for each. Your website should convey a clean design and help prospects navigate through pages easily.

If you have many prospects searching for services such as yours on the go, have your website look good and readable on mobile devices too.

Hiring a professional Manchester web design company helps as the team comes with prior experience and talent for the job. Go for a company with good customer referrals.

At Blue Whale Media, we have a team that understands your business needs and audience. We are known to deliver websites that perform and deliver results.

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