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Toby – Career Q&A

Toby – Career Q&A

Question 1 – What Company Would You Love To Work For?

Channel 4

Question 2 – Do You Work Better With Pictures Or Text?

Text (obviously)

Question 3 – What Did You Do Before Working At Blue Whale Media?

Studied for my masters and bar work

Question 4 – What Motivates You On A Day To Day Basis?

Progressing my career

Question 5 – Why Do Customers Choose This Company?

We have an attentive and friendly approach

Question 6 – If You Could Have Your Own Business/Website, What Would It Be?

A service that Content Writes of all description

Question 7 – Who’s Job, From Our Staff, Would You Like To Try For A Day?

Sid’s (office guard dog)

Question 8 – What Is One Skill That Someone Would Need To Do Your Job?


Question 9 – What Is The Best Advice You Would Give Someone Who Is Interested In Your Field Of Work?

Write as much as possible and read everything

Question 10 – Which Season Of The Year Is The Toughest In Your Job?


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