Tools You Can Use to Reach Your Online Customers

Digital marketing today is all about delivering the most relevant content and product, thus maximising the margin for your business in the long term. There is a pressure to be social and get 100% coverage in all potential platforms. With proper use of the right online tools, you will not only get consistent conversions but also create loyal customers.

Here are the top online tools that you can use to reach your target market according to experts in web design Manchester:

Google Analytics

Launched in November 2005, Google Analytics is now the most used web analytic tool on the internet. You can use it to track your daily and monthly visitors. tracks and gives information on website visitors. You can also get insights to learn about what marketing techniques are working and what don’t.

Google Analytics claims to improve click throughs by 21% and engagement by up to 33%. Thus, you can get stronger results across your apps and other channels.


Blogging provides an area for interaction, information, and demonstration of knowledge. It also enables your customers to understand more about you and your service.

You can use your blog site to answer the questions of your customers. It should be reliable, up to date, and informative. Mistakes in your blog can lead to reputation damage and loss of trust. You can hire web design Manchester experts to design your website in a way that captures your target market’s interest. A blog, after all, should directly talk to them.

Each written blog post is indexed to your website, thus it’s also an opportunity to gain more traffic. 


With over 300 million active users every month, Twitter is one of the best platforms you can use to reach out to your target customers. Its ability to reach the masses can help you increase brand awareness exponentially. Figures have proven that nearly three-quarters of people on Twitter have been influenced by a brand and have made a purchase because of it.

The key to successful Twitter marketing is to make the content consistent and relevant. It should have value for the audience to seriously consider it.


Facebook remains to be the best social media tool. There are about 1 billion Facebook users daily. What’s more is that this is a personalised platform. There’s a higher chance that you can connect to real people using their real accounts.

Create a business page to increase your Facebook presence. This you to establish who you are and what you can offer. Without a Facebook page, you lose contact with the billions of Facebook users. That’s lost opportunity.


About 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Having an official company profile can help you put your brand out there. A company profile has a different role to play from that of a personal account. You can identify the biggest names in the industry and make connections.

Online marketing is one way to promote your brand. When done right, you can generate improve business awareness and generate growth.

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