Top 10 Features When Using Google Analytics

The web design Warrington team believe, Google Analytics is like a super-hypermarket. It offers everything under the sun. This means that you have to swim through the haystack to find the needle. But there’s a way out. There are some crucial features that can help you find the insight you need. Our web design Warrington team looks at some crucial features to use in Google Analytics.


Audience Location

An understanding of the location from where most of your traffic comes from will help you determine whether you are reaching your target market and will also reveal emerging audience s to you. You can target your campaigns effectively by identifying the geographical areas that work for you.

Audience Engagement

This feature provides insight into the length of time visitors stay on any page before moving onto another. This metric helps you to see how much time visitors spend on a particular page as well as how many pages they visit. This way, you can measure your effectiveness in engaging your audience and make tweaks to your site if necessary.

Automatic Email Reports

This feature gives you access to your reports. In fact, with this feature enabled, you don’t even have to log in to Google Analytics unless you need in depth details.


With this tool, you can separate your website traffic into segments. You can set up segments by traffic sources, geographical location, or users from a specific device. When you enable a segment, you can view all Google Analytics reports for that particular segment of users.

Funnel Visualisation

You can view where on your website people are converting the most. Specify the goals, and funnel visualisation will help you determine if your users are acting in line with your goals, and if they aren’t where in the process are they bouncing out.

Mobile Traffic

This tells you how much of your audience is visiting your website on mobile devices. You can use this metric to offer the best user experience to your mobile visitors.

Social Traffic With A Web Design Warrington Agency

Social media traffic metrics provide in depth information about direct traffic coming from your social media marketing efforts. This information can help you gauge the performance of each particular social platform.

Automatic Alerts

Just like Automatic Email Reports, enabling this feature keeps you updated when certain conditions are met. For instance, if your visits shoot up or go down by a particular percentage or your bounce rates increase by a huge margin, you will receive an instant alert. This way, you can quickly make changes to your website without having to wait for a monthly report.

Event Tracking

Google Analytics keeps a track of several user actions, but there are some that it doesn’t by default. For instance, number of clicks on Download button. With this feature, you can gain deep insight into behaviours you want to track and understand how users are behaving and engaging.

Benchmarking Report

This report shows you how the metrics stack up against others in the industry. You can compare and assess how your traffic channels are performing in comparison to industry standard.

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