Top effects to take your motion graphics to the next level

In this blog, I will talk about current motion graphic trends and why they are effective in the current age of technology. I will also attempt to use experts’ tips and future predictions as well as where it would be appropriate to use some techniques. This blog is useful for all budding motion graphic designers and if you don’t know how to perform these trends then it can pay to go and learn them.

Glitch Effect

The glitch distortion effect thinks pixelated off-register images or the visual crackle of a video stream evoking the scratchy static of an old TV has been used by a number of big brands recently. No other trend has garnered quite as much ubiquitous traction as the glitch effect. Adweek & Shutterstock report that glitch design has permeated almost every aspect of culture, from fashion to marketing, branding, packaging, to TV, film and motion design.

As a trend that manages the paradoxical feat of having a vibe that is both futuristic and retro glitch is inspired by an overall move in design towards celebrating the eerie beauty of controlled imperfection. I have used this effect before in a few of Blue Whale’s intros that I have linked below.


This is a technique I am actually trying to perfect myself; it is basically morphing between shapes, objects or icons. It has been around for a while now but there always see it in contemporary motion graphics and it continues to gain momentum and popularity. It is particularly useful in logo animations.

Liquid Motion

Another technique that I am attempting to learn as this is a new trend for 2019 is liquid motion. These are animations in which organic shapes transform in a liquid way. This is growing rapidly in popularity; this came with After Effects’ update which allowed smooth fluid transitions.

Animated Fonts and Titles

Using animated Fonts and Titles is a trendy way of gaining attention and keeping the audience invested while also conveying them a message, two birds with one stone! The designs range from simple moving characters all the way to paying homage to social heroes.

GIF Logos

This is something that I enjoyed using for the rebrand of our new site. According to various creative trends reports, from Behance to Shutterstock, the overall trend is more animations and video on the Internet and an ever more increasing demand for GIFs by companies looking to market themselves in the digital space, especially on social media.

Funny, clever and appealing, GIFs entertain and engage users and fit in fabulously with the very short modern attention span and are thus valuable tools for reaching customers and communicating ideas. Let’s face it, it is an emoji and GIF world and we only live in it.

Animated GIF logos, in turn, have become a super-hot trend of their own. Distinctive and unique, animated logos captivate and draw the user’s attention and are popping up in interesting and creative ways.

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