Five LinkedIn secrets to boost your business page

In the modern world where social media networks are taking over every aspect of life, there has been a lot of focus on Facebook and Instagram. However, LinkedIn Marketing Warrington is slowly catching up with more than five hundred million followers. Some businesses are incorporating LinkedIn into their marketing strategy so that they can rope in a large group of professionals.

Just recently we posed the question to our readers to find out which social media account they would like more information about. While 62% wanted Instagram, while 53% felt they needed more information about LinkedIn.

For starters, we have teamed up with the group at linked to give you tips on how you can leverage on its usage for your business or company.

In this blog, we will highlight five strategies that your company can boost growth by up to 600% by utilizing its LinkedIn Company page.

Have a fully completed profile

Studies reveal that your business page can have visitors double if your profile is complete. Incomplete profiles are likely to receive fewer visitors. Ensure your page has the logo, company description, Website URL, and size of the company. Additionally, ensure the Industry, company type, and location are entirely filled out. To complete your company’s profile, check on the overview section, and then fill all the information. Ensure there is a touch of professionalism since your brand is what will drive visitors to your page just like LinkedIn Marketing Warrington.

Ensure your posting schedule is consistent

LinkedIn reckons that companies that post information at least once every month have dramatically gained six times more followers than those who don’t. Also, those businesses with at least 150 followers usually get more than five times views as compared to those with fewer followers. Always aim to have at least one post per week to your business page as this creates some form of engagement with your followers.

Re-share your highly-rated content

If your business is not generating new content ideas, we highly recommend to re-share your previous top posts. Since social media algorithms are complicated, most likely, only a few people see your posts in the feed. If they are a backlog of successful content, then your posts will still perform well in the future. You can use the analytics section to view your most popular posts.

Have a positive engagement with your employees and other colleagues

Your employees and colleagues can have a positive impacted on your LinkedIn Marketing strategy. By engaging them, you can promote your content and at the same time, increase the visibility of your page on LinkedIn.

Promote your company’s page in other networks

A marketing channel becomes a success when combined with other channels. You must ensure your presence is felt in all digital platforms to ensure steady growth. You can use cross-promotion strategies to reach an optimum growth rate. For instance, LinkedIn Marketing Warrington has linked their LinkedIn page to email signatures, blogs, and all other posts. You can add the LinkedIn follow button to your website and more particular, the landing page.

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