Top Web Design Trends for 2020.

It may be no surprise that the coming years of web design Stockport will be all about intuitiveness and clarity of use. In an environment that is awash with information and stimuli, today’s websites need to be delivering their messages all the more clearly in order to stand out.

The trends below will help you to create a website that is perfectly styled as well as being up to date:

Oversized type and elements

In order to communicate clearly and instantaneously, websites are favouring large and prominent elements. The magnitude in design applies to just about everything on a webpage, from big, bold typography to full-screen images and videos. Enlarged elements are eyecatching and help site visitors understand what the website is all about. For this trend to truly shine, reduce the number of design elements on each page – keep in mind that too many grand features all at once can be counter-productive and overwhelming to website users.

Split-screen content

Do you have more than on idea, but still want to retain an uncluttered look? Consider splitting your screen down the middle, allowing each side to have an equal spot in the limelight. This captivating web design trend breaks the rectangular mold in two – you can also make each half of the screen behave differently. You can also include elements like your logo and calls to action that will at as a focal point and balance out the screen.

Plenty of white space

 White space is a term referring to the blank areas in between design elements. It can give any page or screen spacious and a well-balanced feel. Whilst most commonly white, whitespace can also be made up of any other background colour as well as including the spacing lines on columns of text or space around each of the visuals.

Fluorescent 3D digital artwork

This offers otherworldly interpretations of familiar materials; the digital 3D images adorn our websites in neon coloured shades. The artwork can act as tempting little eye candy that lures visitors’ attention, contrasted against a layout that is clean and minimal. The use of digitally rendered images is not a new concept and has become very widely used. By combining fluorescent palettes means your website can appear futuristic and energetic as well as injecting personality. 

Motion and interactivity

Video and animation are far from being a new phenomenon; after all, motion is an engaging feature that grabs website visitors’ attention. Web designers think about this, especially when designing for an audience with decreasing attention spans.

There are various forms of motion currently in abundance in web design: from micro animations to typography to full-screen video headers bear in mind that motion can be distracting when used ineffectively, so be sure to apply in only strategic places.

It is really tough to overstate the importance of staying current in the web design Wigan industry. As the new decade begins, web designers are simultaneously looking to the future and to the past for inspirational ideas. Modern web design emphasises more user-friendly experiences, think about how you can make your website more user-friendly with the above trends.