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Tracey – Being A Team Q&A

Tracey – Being A Team Q&A

Question 1 – What is the best part about working as a team?

Running ideas of each other and having a laugh

Question 2 – What is the worst part about working as a team?

Back stabbing and being two faced

Question 3 – What is your ideal team building exercise?

Go Ape

Question 4 – What has been your favourite team building day at Blue Whale Media?

Not been on one yet!

Question 5 – Describe the Blue Whale Media team in 3 words

Dedicated, loyal and friendly 

Question 6 – What makes the Blue Whale Media team better than other teams?

Just get on with what needs to be done 

Question 7 – What characteristics does a person need to join the Blue Whale Media team?

Dedication, friendly, helpful, willing to learn 

Question 8 – How do you feel about working in a team environment?

Like it 

Question 9 – How do you motivate your team members?

Too many ways to say! 

Question 10 – What makes a good team leader?

Someone you can approach, someone that listens and not talk about it with anyone else! Friendly and upfront

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