US Legislatures Gear up for an online data Privacy Invasion bill

The US Congress Legislators are preparing to tackle the issue of data privacy violation though the contents of the bill are still private. The law will have an effect on social media companies like St Helens Web Design who use Facebook for their marketing activities.

Cambridge Analytica

In the Month of April Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce and judiciary for the hearing of Cambridge Analytica. It was a tough appearance and all indications are that the legislatures are gearing up for a new bill. Senator John Thune who the chairman of the powerful committee said that this is a wakeup call to the online community.

The Democrats were even harsh and stated that Facebook and other social media companies will not be allowed to fix privacy intrusions. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) speaking on behalf of the committed added his support on this matter.

Bill Progress

The idea has been borrowed from a regulation like the European Union’s Regulation the GDPR. The Congress wants to come up with such a regulation, and it will have an impact on online corporations like Google and Facebook and overall users such as St Helens Web Design.

Industry experts and consumer protection bodies have raised their voices on the provisions of the new law. They want to know if it will prevent federal governments from coming up with their own laws and what really defines privacy.

This move will see the United States government coming up with laws that will prevent invasion of data privacy and will affect businesses like St Helens Web Design.
Thune added that the protection of user’s data privacy lies in the hands of the Congress. The question of the shape the law will take need to be addressed.

Do Social Media Users Have Control Over their data

Whether consumers like St Helens Web Design have control over their data need to be addressed. Before the GDPR, users were not frequently asked to give permission to data collection. This will be at the centre of this bill.

How Can data be classified as sensitive

A leak of personal information like the name could have serious consequence to a person’s reputation. The consumer rights bodies feel that stricter rules should be enacted to prevent data privacy invasion of companies like St Helens Web Design. People are more concerned about how much of their information should be out in the public.

Future of Facebook in view of the new regulation

Facebook has in the past announced that close to 30 million accounts were under privacy invasion by hackers who obtained their credentials through a security leak. The passing of the Klobuchar bill will mean that Facebook will be compelled by law to disclose this kind of breach to its users.

The Law adoption in the federal states

The new laws that are being proposed should have stricter terms and be strong enough and supersede the ones passed by federal states. Federal states will not have to pass their own laws if this law is all-inclusive.


No one knows when the Congress will come up with the bill. Social Media giants are all aware that it is not going to be business as usual.

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