Seller Ratings For Google Ads

As you may know, Google Ads can be formatted and customised with many different types of extensions. These extensions can be used to include extra text, utilise extra site links, show prices and more. One of these extensions is the seller ratings extensions. Unlike other extensions, seller ratings is an automatic extension – meaning you can’t add or remove them manually, Google instead decides whether or not to show seller ratings.

When do seller ratings show?

As a user, you cannot simply add and remove seller ratings as with other extensions. There are minimum requirements you must reach before seller ratings are possible to show up alongside your ads. Currently, the requirements needed are 100 unique reviews from the same country and an average rating of at least 3.5 stars. Once these requirements are met your business is eligible to have seller ratings alongside your pay per click adverts.

Why should I use seller ratings?

As with any extension, seller ratings greatly improve your visibility in the SERPs and can result in more clicks and a higher CTR. Plus, seller ratings promote customer confidence in your products and services before they even click on your ad. Potential customers can see the average rating and the number of reviews which make up that rating. Users will feel more confident as they can see how many people have previously bought into the product or service and left a review, as well as the average rating.

Just like other extensions, seller ratings do not cost anything extra to show. You are only charged the same amount when a user clicks on your ad regardless of seller ratings.

Where are the reviews and ratings collected from?

Google primarily uses its own first-party sources for reviews. This includes Google Customer Reviews, a Google Merchants programme that collects reviews after purchases, Google Consumer Surveys as well as Google Shopping reviews. Reviews are also collected from a range of third-party services, which can be viewed online.

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