Video marketing statistics that every brand needs to know in 2020

Statistics have shown that by 2022, the number of videos that cross the internet per second will account for approximately 82% of overall online traffic and account to 1 million videos. Companies are beginning to capitalise on this trend by shopping around and utilising any

additional revenue through streams and video series. As your brand prepares its marketing strategy for 2020, our Marketing Company Warrington team at Blue Whale Media have provided a comprehensive list of some of the more important factors to remember.

Our Marketing Company Warrington team urge companies to remember how video has evolved

Of a selection of viewers that were surveyed, a huge 95% of people said that they where fo a better chance to retain a message is it was delivered through video. Of those people, 92% reported using their mobiles to share videos with other people. With statistics like this, it isn’t hard to see why so many companies are adapting their strategies to incorporate videos. A Whopping 99% of marketers that were surveyed said that they would continue to use video marketing in their future plans, with 80% saying that they would invest more money. Our Marketing Company Warrington team has seen a surge in video marketing and can attest to its effectiveness.

Invest in vertical videos to accommodate mobile platforms with Marketing Company Warrington

Companies are investing in vertical videos to cater to the demand for social media channels. Statistics show that video marketing is essential and at a critical point in its development. Video drives higher sales and engagement, so it is no wonder that 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy. In comparison to text and blogs, videos cannot be scanned. Customers are required to give videos their full attention and our Marketing Warrington Company have experience in creating vertical videos that are designed solely to tell the story of your brand for social media platforms.

How have videos changed on social media platforms and how can our Marketing Company Warrington help you?

On Facebook alone, over 8 billion videos are viewed on a daily basis. Recent statistics show that engagement with videos on Facebook are up 13.9% and 85% of users prefer to watch videos on the platform without sound. Instagram reaches over 800 million active users a month and has shown the most significant growth of social media platforms. Our team of Marketing Company Warrington experts understand what it takes to create popular video marketing for your chosen social media platform.

Our Marketing Company Warrington explains how  lucrative has video marketing become

Our Marketing Company Warrington team know that video marketing has developed to be a $135 billion industry in the US alone. Statistics show that 93% of businesses gain new customers as a direct result of posting a well-produced video to their platform. By investing in a professional video, you can guarantee an increase in conversions and clicks.


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