Mistakes to avoid when making a professional video.

Creating a professional video for your business requires an investment of time, money and energy; therefore, it’s essential to get it right the first time around.

Over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so if you fail to provide value to the viewers, you will also fail to gain their attention.

Unfortunately, businesses are making common mistakes when it comes to the creation of a professional video. Continue reading for ways to avoid making mistakes when creating professional videography.

Audience’s needs

The audience’s needs are not being considered valuable. Consumers are increasingly able to control what content they are exposed to, if they don’t like what they see, then they won’t watch it. Your professional video needs to be entertaining, moving or inspirational for your audience to be engaged by it.

Long professional videos

Another mistake is making your videos too long – say what you mean and mean what you say. By making a video too long you weaken the ability to connect with the audience and dilute the message you are trying to get across. The online world does not have a long attention span; therefore, you’ve got to get to the point of your video quickly or you won’t hold their interest. By creating short promotional videos, you won’t overcrowd your video and intern aiding the audiences viewing experience.

Focusing on information rather than emotion

Some businesses have mistakenly treated their professional videos like a brochure. The trouble is this reflects a misunderstanding of the medium and the role that the video plays in marketing. Providing too much in-depth information in the video won’t create a personal connection with the audience. The emotional connection your video makes with your audience often determines whether they will then interact with your brand. Think of your video as the cover letter of your business rather than your company’s resume.

You’re making a professional video without a clear objective

The content within your video should be carefully considered in relation to your business aims and content marketing strategy. By setting out a clear objective, it will help to outline where you want to head with your promotional video. Professional videography can be a powerful marketing tool; try to see it as a strategic plan. Executing a series of videos with a number of goals can help to support several areas of marketing your business.

Minimal planning on the use and distribution of your video

When your not familiar with how video production works, it can seem like every moment is a filming opportunity. Research and careful planning can help to overcome this; also, having an understanding of what you are going to do with the video can benefit from a plan. Preparation is everything. Remember the famous phrase ‘preparing to fail is failing to prepare.’ Having a plan during the production stage will help to make the promotional video-focused and clear.

Too much technical jargon

A professional video is a communication tool, so when shooting a video, it is imperative to talk using language that your audience will both understand and resonate with. A common mistake is to use technical or industry jargon; if you use the same language and tone as your audience, you can expertly communicate with them.

Neglecting SEO

Search engines need text so they can ‘crawl’ to figure out what your content entails and how it relates to the search inquiries. Failing to incorporate keywords into your titles and descriptions will make your video ‘un-crawlable’ for search engines. Having a keyword for each video will help you establish your topic as well as helping you to understand how people are finding your content.

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the power of professional videography. There’s no arguing with the fact that strong professional video content can help your business to reach targets and actively engage with your audience.