Top Tips For Visual Social Media Marketing

Do you often stop to look at photos/videos more than you do for text? You’re not alone! Did you know that 90% of the information our brain processes is visual? Visual marketing has become so popular as it has the power the combine copywriting and imagery that attracts audiences. There are many ways to introduce visual content to your social media pages, but they need to be perfected. Keep on reading to find out how to keep your social media visually pleasing.

Branding Your Social Media

If you have a social media presence already, then you will have people regularly visiting your pages and scrolling through your posts. This is where visuals come into play as your branding will be the first thing they notice. Branding your social media means having a logo, cover banner and images that represent your colour scheme and your company. Your brand has to be recognisable right from the start which means visual have to be strong and consistent throughout. You need branding for all of your social media pages, no matter what platform it is.

Quality of Images

Visuals are important but they must be right for social media and for your business. A lot of companies are using stock images which are good but can become repetitive and not original. If possible, you should be making your own media so that you can give your own spin on your images and be noticed by your audience. This also means that only you can use these images and not be copied by your competitors. To get your own custom graphics/photos you can either work with an agency like Blue Whale Media who have qualified designers or create some yourself on an online system.

Animated Infographics

Another popular trend in images is animation. A good way to introduce motion graphics is with infographics. People love learning new things, especially if it relates to them. So why not present your data in a way that will attract audiences. Creating an animated infographic is not as simple as creating static graphics though. The best thing to do is work with an agency who has training in motion graphics and animation as they will be able to bring your ideas to life but also make sure that it is in the correct format for you to use.

Use of Videos

Animation is a growing trend but it’s all about video at the minute. The majority of people are scrolling through social media and watching videos on their devices. This is a guarantee to boost engagement with your audience. When creating videos for social media, think about what would work for your company. You can produce a range of videos including promotional, service, drone, Q&A’s, vlogging and more. Just make sure you use the right one for you.

Boost Your Marketing Visuals Now

Now you’ve learnt about all the ways to produce visuals on your social media pages, it’s time to start creating! Now we know that it might not be difficult to do all this yourself which is why we have a team of experts that range from social media marketers, graphic designers and videographers. Woo your audiences today by finding out more about our services online or call us on 01925 552050.

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