The Components of Visually Appealing Website Design

Website design Warrington undoubtedly has an impact on sakes and conversions. It is not enough for a customer to simply land on your page for them to turn into a customer. In order to ensure that every internet surfer who wanders onto your page is converted into a buyer of your product, your website must be visually appealing.

Visually Engaging Website Design

Appealing visuals are a direct effect of great web design. A website design Warrington agency worth their salt will be able to take a great product and find and build an effective platform to sell it on, but what are the components of great website design?

Colour Schemes

A website’s colour scheme should reflect the characteristics of your product. Any colours that are associated with your brand should be incorporated into the colour scheme for maximum brand identity.


Size, style and colour of font should be fitting with the tone of your website. You wouldn’t put whacky green text on a website for medical care would you? Similarly black, times new roman may look out of place on a website for vintage clothing. It’s all about matching the right text with your website.

Pictures and Graphics  

The pictures and graphics need to be related to the service that you are providing and your company’s ethos. Not only do they need to appropriate in subject, they also need to be of a high enough quality and standard. Blurry images on a website about photography? No chance.

Complexity and Usability

When it comes to website design Warrington, keep it simple. Cluttered and over complicated web pages serve no purpose; they merely confuse and frustrate visitors into leaving your website.

As well as the look, the functionality of your page needs to be simple but effective. Great designers will always opt for a simpler design that allows your visitors to glide through your website rather than trying to sell you lots of additional, unnecessary features.

Clarity and Consistency

Everything on your website needs to be clear for the visitor to see so that they can understand the message your trying to put across immediately, when it comes to the internet a minute is an age and if it takes a visitor to your website a couple of minutes to understand what you are about, you can bet their finger will be hovering over the back button.

Any styles, fonts, images or colours need to be consistent throughout to build brand image and avoid a jarring effect when users jump from one page to another.

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